About Us

In Yah we trust.

At THE HARVEST 1985 we strive to increase peoples knowledge of the Bible, we create simplified lessons making it easier for those who are only starting now with reading scripture. The name of the site refers to the ripening of the harvest before Yahushua’s second coming and 1985 symbolizes the journey from birth to adult life and the life experiences that caused Me to feel a need to share the truth.

There are so many religious sites but few of them will tell you the truth if it will have a negative impact on the flow of cash, the Creator’s Word is there as our GPS in life and the light that comes from it is for free, and no one should be charging to share it. At The Harvest 1985 all content is free the only thing you need to do is study scripture for yourself before you judge any content on this site, never let one man control what you believe in scripture, but let scripture speak for itself.

We hope that the content on the site will bring some light and happiness to those who need it and haven’t been finding it, or for those who has felt lost in an ocean of words in scripture but never understood how to navigate it. Feel free to contact us regarding any info on this site.