There is so much that goes into maintaining and building a site like this, this doesn’t even start to cover the time spent one creating the content for every page or the videos. At The Harvest 1985 we do accept the costs involved in full as there is no price tag when it comes to sharing the truth and help opening peoples eyes when it comes to false doctrines and the traps that are being set out there, by those who seek to destroy those who are true followers of YaH!

Everything is done at maximum effort due to the lack of equipment and unfortunately to improve content on the site and with videos some equipment will need upgrading in the future. By having the visitors view our videos on You tube directly already helps towards that so please do not download those videos illegally and distribute them as this will make it so much harder to get the funds to improve on content.

If you would in anyway be willing to sponsor equipment or funds to help upgrade some of our equipment you can do so but please understand it is no obligation. Feel free to go to our contact page for more details.